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Kettlebell and Group Training

Kettlebells have become more popular today than ever before. A 'kettlebell' or girya is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle.

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Want individualized attention to reach your goals?

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Workshops/Events/ Competitions

We have been proud to host some of the best workshops, certifications, and competitions in the industry. We have been host to Pavel Tsatsouline, StrongFirst...

Barbell Club/ Olympic/Powerlift..

The Tucson Barbell Club is a branch of Evolution Fitness that offers specialized instruction in Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting and Strength & Conditioning.


Strong & Healthy Woman

Our Strong and Healthy Woman Program is unlike any other fitness program offered in Tucson. Our certified personal trainers offer individualized attention...


kettlebell instruction and training at Evolution FitnessLearn the fundamentals the Hairstyle Kettlebell Swing and Squat in this complimentary class at Evolution Fitness. It will be taught by StrongFirst Team Leader, Danny Sawaya. We will break down the movements to make sure you are getting the most out of the kettlebell. We will teach you the importance of breathing, tension, and proper hip position to make sure the kettlebell is a great tool for core strength, power development, and conditioning. July 25th, 10am !



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#Tucsonbarbellclub Shirts support Rufe’s Journey to Nationals

We are really proud of Rufe Bynum for qualifying for Nationals as a 105kg weightlifter. Rufe was our first member of Tucson Barbell Club and we couldn’t be happier to see him achieve this long time goal. Rufe has helped keep our team together through coaching changes and has done everything to see this program stay active and thrive. We are going to sell a special set of Tucson Barbell Club Shirts and all Profit for the shirts will go to help pay for Rufe’s Trip to compete. We would like to take pre-paid orders to make sure we order the correct amount of shirts. You can purchase at the gym or by our link here online! 

Rufe Bynum Olympic Lifter Tucson

Free Nutrition Class at Evolution Fitness

Nutrition coaching weight loss tucson

We have all heard of the latest diets and fads out there. Dr. Oz and Oprah have all talked about be “best” diet etc….. Many people lose weight and gain it right back. Many diets out there don’t work because they don’t help people make changes that they can sustain. on Saturday, June 13th, Jesus Acuña our Nutrition Coach will be giving a talk on “Foundational Habits and Strategies for Sustainable Change”.  If you are looking to make those changes with your nutrition and exercise habits this will be a great talk. It is free and open to members and non members. We just ask that you RSVP online  for this class so we can have the appropriate seating arrangements!

SATURDAY, JUNE 13th, 2015


Powerlifting Team Tucson Barbell Club

Nutrition Coaching at Evolution Fitness Tucson

Nutritionist Tucson Nutrition coaching

We are excited to offer nutritional coaching at Evolution Fitness. When I first opened Evolution in 2010 this is one of the programs I have been wanting to offer. It has always been our philosophy to do things the right way and give it the proper attention that it needs to be excellent. We have finally added to our staff an excellent coach that has the passion and knowledge to carry out this program. Jesus Acuña is a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach and he has developed educational materials and set up a great system to help you become successful in your goals.

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Tucson Barbell Club Open Results

We had a great turnout at Evolution Fitness and Tucson Barbell Club for the 1st Tucson Barbell Club Open this past Saturday, April 18th. A huge thanks to Jeremy Galo and Iron Athlete for coming out and helping us put on a great meet. Also a big thanks to the referees, loaders, and set up/breakdown crew that spent their day helping out. This was a great day for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting in Tucson.