High School Athlete Program at Evolution Fitness Tucson



High School Athlete Program at Evolution Fitness Tucson





Why We’ve Created This Program

We know that there are many programs for young athletes based on speed, agility, and running development. This is not our approach. We wanted to create a safe and effective training system for young athletes to help prevent injury, develop strength and power, and improve overall performance. As former high school athletes ourselves we understand that the needs of young athletes aren’t being met. Rather than receiving proper instruction and programming many young athletes are often left to strength train on their own; overseen by a coach that knows their sport, but doesn’t understand proper weightlifting form or progressions. We want to provide what other programs don’t: A training system that teaches young athletes how to train safely, effectively develop strength and power, and help them be stronger competitors in their sport. We want to provide the learning environment that we wish we’d had when we were young athletes.

What We Believe:

  • A solid base of strength is optimal for developing speed and explosiveness. Speed is an expression of strength and power. Training for speed alone is useless without mastering the fundamentals of strength.
  • Safety and proper technique is paramount. Quality instruction and coaching in the big lifts is crucial for young athletes to see gains in strength as well as ensure safety.
  • Conditioning should be about training the appropriate energy systems. It shouldn’t be about creating a beat down to wear-out the athletes.

Our objectives when training young athletes:

  • Safely Build a Foundation of Strength
  • Train for Power
  • Address Mobility
  • Intelligent Conditioning
  • Injury Prevention

These objectives guide our programming at Evolution Fitness. We know our system will make a difference in the performance of young athletes.

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Strength is a fundamental need in all athletes. If two athletes of similar size and skill are competing against each other the stronger will prevail. We teach many of the barbell lifts such as the squat, deadlift, and pressing variations, as well as a variety of Kettlebell skills that will build strength and improve performance. We make sure that each athlete is taught these movements by a coach with an attentive and skillful eye. Each athlete is put on a strength training  program that is most appropriate to their needs.



Explosive movement is a part of all sports. Whether its beating an opponent off the line, sprinting down the court, or jumping for a header, the ability to generate force quickly is crucial. Once we work through any mobility limitations and start developing a strength-base we can then develop power in a very effective and safe environment! We will teach numerous body weight movements, power cleans (if appropriate), kettlebell swings, and use sleds to tap into each athlete’s ability to generate power in a safe and effective manner.



We see many athletes come to us lacking basic mobility standards. Decreased mobility or too much mobility at certain joints are some of the biggest reasons we see soft tissue, non-contact injuries in sports. Athletes that push hard and lift weights on  joints that are not ready can sustain injuries that are preventable. We believe that proper mobility is a big factor in injury prevention. Additionally, we recognize that all athletes are different. We ensure that each athlete stretches the muscles that need it and avoids stretching muscles that don’t based on their individual needs.



Anyone can make athletes sweat and breath heavy. That doesn’t mean the workout is actually what is best for them when it comes to long-term results and carry-over to their sport. Our conditioning programs are based on making sure each athlete is training the appropriate energy system. This approach ensures that each training session is productive, prevents young athletes from burning-out during their training, and improves performance in their sport.



The Functional Movement System is used by many Professional and Collegiate Athletic Programs to address their athlete’s mobility and stability needs, ensure that they’re moving well, and to limit injury risk.  We are some of the most experienced trainers in Tucson when it comes to utilizing the Functional Movement Screen. Using the FMS we can identify asymmetries and weaknesses in each athlete and prescribe appropriate corrective strategies to ensure proper movement and improved performance. Learn more about the FMS here.

What is included in the program?

Our High School Athletic Development Program includes:

  • 2-3 training sessions per week, based on the athlete’s needs, that focus on proper technique with high quality instruction.
  • Individualized progressions for each athlete based on their strength and conditioning levels, movement patterns, and sport.
  • Individualized mobility homework based on each of their individual needs.
  • The opportunity to learn the fundamentals of weightlifting that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

Cost of the program: Only $179 for 6 weeks of training!!

This program is a 6 week commitment:


Training sessions are

Usually 4pm after school MWF..

Ongoing schedule:

  • TBD

8th graders getting ready to move into high school are welcome.

After the initial 6 weeks we will make recommendations for athletes to continue training with us based on their athletic endeavors and seasons.

In addition to this program we offer one-on-one training for athletes that want more individualized instruction.  We also offer small group or private team trainings. Please inquire if you are interested in these programs.

CALL 520-445-6800 or Email: jesus@evolutiontucson.com