Please Welcome Aris Demarco to our Team!

Please Welcome Aris Demarco to our Team!

We are very happy to announce the newest addition to our Evolution Fitness Team. As all of you know we have very high standards for the trainers we bring on staff and we couldn’t be happier to have Aris on our Team. He is coming all the way from the East Coast to be a part of the Evolution Fitness Team. He is an SFL Barbell Certified, and FMS Level 2. `He has numerous other courses and certifications, but as many of you know, these alone speak volumes of his strength and pursuit of knowledge as a professional. Aris will be teaching classes and one on one sessions beginning the week of April 20th. I asked Aris to write a bit about himself and his philosophy and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Aris Demarco - Personal Trainer Evolution Fitness Tucson

I started training in highschool mostly because I did not want to embarrass myself taking the mandatory fitness test in gym class. Already done with my growth spurt, I weighed around a hundred and fifteen pounds, and could not do a single full chin-up. It took me over ten minutes to ‘run’ a mile.

A few thousand sloppily done reps calisthenics later, I passed that fitness test –and was completely hooked. I trained constantly and began reading everything I could get my hands on. As luck would have it, the first book I read was Pavel Tsatsouline’s Power to the People.

I spent the first few years focusing on bodyweight training and kettlebells, next came sandbags and odd objects when I started to like lifting. I mainly trained with barbells throughout college.

Pavel has been my longest standing influence, but is far from the only one. Ken Leistner, Dan John, John McKean, Bryce Lane, Alex Viada, and Matt Perryman have, along with Pavel, probably had more influence on my beliefs than anyone else.

Danny asked me to describe my philosophy. I think I’ve narrowed it down to ten rules that I try to live and work by, all pretty common-sensical:

-Whether learPersonal Training Tucson- Aris Demarco ning or training, always try to focus. It’s impossible to be the best/smartest at everything.

-Learn from the experts in a given field whenever possible.

-Don’t drink anyone’s kool-aid. No one has all the answers. And remember… it’s just working out. Doing it a certain way doesn’t make us special.

-Experience training oneself and others is at least as valuable as book knowledge for any coach.

-Being able to teach the basics well and knowing and when to start incorporating anything beyond them is the most useful skill for a trainer to have.

-Circumstances should dictate goals.

-Do what works, now. There is no ‘what works, period.’

-Long term discipline and consistency trump short term motivation and intensity.

-Progress should be the standard, not perfection

-To use a car analogy: when in doubt, build a better chassis (improve functional movement), add a more powerful engine (develop more maximal strength) and a bigger gas tank (increase aerobic capacity). Those form the basis for physical ability.


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