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Here at Tucson Strength we believe in the value of being strong. We believe that strength takes many forms, too, and each person has their own unique journey of being strong. It takes mental strength to be confident under a heavy weight, to finish a tough race, to overcome body image issues, to show up every training day, to work your program even if you only want to do a lot less—or a lot more!—in a given workout; to make the choice to strive for improvement every day.


Our community is perhaps our greatest asset. Extremely varied and endlessly supportive, it includes triathletes and amateur powerlifters and people of every age and from many professions just trying to stay fit and healthy. It isn’t uncommon to see nationally competitive weightlifters training right alongside beginning kettlebell class members here or someone squatting a quarter ton just a few feet from an athlete rehabbing from a knee injury. Everyone has a goal, is trying to improve, and supports their friends here every day.


Proper strength training creates lasting physiological adaptations like no other. Not just stronger muscles but more robust connective tissues and bones.

The ability to maintain stability while running, riding a bike, or rock climbing; the capabilities to lift and carry and push and pull and squat objects that will make any daily task a breeze no matter a person’s occupation.

For the body to adapt it must be constantly exposed to greater stimulus, higher levels of resistance. To lift heavier weights safely and sustainaTucson Strength Trainingbly over time is the cornerstone of our philosophy of training. Lots of things have to go right to negate the potential risks of heavy lifting, which means plenty of instruction.

Our teaching includes learning everything from proper breathing to coordination in basic movement patterns, awareness and control of the muscles working throughout those movements, and proper technique for all the exercises we use—and that will sometimes differ greatly from one individual to another.

We use movement screens on each new member to ensure that every person has the proper mobility for any movement they will perform. By checking the range of motion around major joints and looking at how coordinated a person is performing basic fundamental movement patterns like a squat or hinge we can assess anyone’s readiness to train with us and help them adequately prepare for safe, progressive training starting from wherever they are at.


We would rather see sets of 5 perfect reps, each one set up and then performed the same way to build safe and efficient habits under the stress of a near-maximal weight; than messy slop for sets of 12 to 15. Most of our pure strength training involves many fairly low repetition sets, done with a medium hard effort and staying away from failure. The last thing we want is missed reps or even worse, accidents with potentially injurious loads. Higher reps and harder efforts are saved for finishers, lighter accessory exercises, fun challenges, or our conditioning classes!

We take pride in the intelligence of our workout programs as every set, rep and exercise has a purpose and value in its execution.

It is this philosophy that has lead us into the formation of a new training program here at TUCSON STRENGTH!

Our goal is to help each individual find his or her strength in the way that suits them best. Our kettlebell classes are in many ways the flagship program here—using a unique tool to build strength and stamina applicable to the real world in a fun and efficient way. The powerlifting club is an exclusive group—taking a single minded approach to an accessible strength sport with the most efficient training methods.

STRENGTH CLUB will fill the gap between our kettlebell classes, the powerlifting based barbell club and our personal training services.  Sometimes we have new members come in who do not yet have the flexibility for kettlebell classes or they have some preexisting injury that keeps them away from the high-repetition ballistic lifts. Powerlifting has an even higher bar for entry—a certain amount of mobility and body awareness is necessary to do full range of motion squats, bench presses and deadlifts with proper technique and increasingly heavy loads. Neither is for everyone.

STRENGTH CLUB will give those new members a place to learn our methodology of strength without being shoehorned into using a tool that is not a good fit for them. It will also give our existing members a great option to transition from one training method to another.


Personal training programs tucsonIf you are a current member that has been working hard in the kettlebell classes for months or years and want to give powerlifting a try, strength club is the way to do it. If you have been benching and squatting heavy and want to take a more balanced approach for a while without a total paradigm change, strength club is the way to do it.

The training itself will involve the saimg_2897me highly effective and also safe techniques that we always use for strength training. Breath control, proper core tension, detailed breakdowns of exercise form, and a combination of basic movement pattern and muscle activation awareness.

The implements will differ according to each individual. For example, you might be ready to deadlift from the floor using a straight bar—your friend might use kettlebells, or do Romanian deadlifts, or pulls from blocks or trap bar deadlifts. This level of flexibility and customization in teaching, in training plans, and in the exercises themselves will make strength club a genuine one size fits all training program perfect for those new to our approach.

Also—it will be fun! STRENGTH CLUB will be a high energy mid-size group training environment with plenty of variety and workouts that keep you moving. Our ability to  to use any and all of the tools at our disposal in strength club will mean less boredom as well as more diverse skills in the gym for you.

Finally. STRENGTH CLUB will involve the same high level instruction that you have come to expect from us in classes, in one on one training, and in our workshops. In fact, each strength club kickoff will feature several sessions that are much more focused on instruction to give members a head start on basic lifting technique. By the end of the initial 6 week program, members of that strength club class will be well-equipped to potentially choose one of three options: To continue with strength club and become generally strong using a variety of methods, to join the kettlebell classes and really master the bells while taking more of a conditioning focus, or perhaps join the powerlifters and dedicate themselves to the everyman’s strength sport.


Each member that signs up for Strength Club is committing to  2  small group training sessions per week for 6 weeks.Plus access to some of our other programs.

  • The schedule will be Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm.
  • Saturdays will be access to Original Strength classes and Open Gym (Barbell Club) hours.

Additionally, each member will also have access to yoga classes and any other Original Strength classes on the schedule. If appropriate for the individual conditioning classes may also be utilized with the discretion of the head coach  Aris Demarco.

Each member will receive an individualized training program to follow that matches their needs and goals.

Because we want to keep the instruction quality high, we are limiting each Strength Club program to only 10 participants. If you’d like to know when those slots open up, sign up for our pre-sale list below and get an email of when it opens. (Registration open August 24, 2017)

Kickoff will be September 19th, 2017, Sign up below!


MAJOR DISCOUNT If you Register by September 8th!

Current members on an unlimited membership that want to sign up for STRENGTH CLUB, can do it for a 1 x fee of $112 for the 6 weeks.



$299 After September 8th