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Why we do nutrition coaching.

Nutrition Coaching is a hot service in the fitness field.  Any person with a good filter and photogenic ability can get on social media and promise you to lose 10 pounds in 7 days. 

Yet people still struggle with real life problems like time management, hunger awareness, and too much conflicting information on what the best diet is. 

(Spoiler alert) There is no best diet!

More importantly, people never realize that the true struggles are rooted in a lack of deciphering hunger from cravings, having awareness around our relationships with food (hunger vs. gluttony), and using nutrition strategies that don’t match our lifestyles and phases of life (goals). 

These are the fundamental and critical factors that lead us to success OR , if they’re unaligned, push us further away from our goals. 

What the industry is failing people at?

The problem is that most nutrition coaches only focus on the food.  They give out meal plans and food lists, some even go out and tell you to track your calories.  This can be successful for some, but ultimately fails to address the underlying issues that need fixing for long term success. 

How do we solve it?

The solution is to have coaches who understand the SCIENCE and the PSYCHOLOGY behind nutrition strategies and behavior change. We provide smart, real-life, nutrition coaching with a personalized approach, rather than just another eating plan. We want you to Work with someone who is knowledgeable in nutrition, not just meal plans, and understands the struggle of losing weight and can adapt any strategy to fit your needs. 

What we offer are services that are specifically geared towards helping each person’s unique needs. 

How we help people.

We have 1-on 1 Coaching and Online coaching (powered by Pro Coach).

Our 1-on-1 coaching has an extensive intake process.  It takes time but lets us know who we are working with and how to best guide them.  No template, no cookie cutter plans. 

When you work with us 1-on-1 you’ll get individualized nutrition support based on your goals and needs with an emphasis on improving the brain/gut connection, creating sustainable food habits, and creating a lifestyle that fits your body’s unique needs. 

We limit our 1-on-1 clients so that we can provide the highest quality service. This is our highest involved service and have built it out so there is weekly scheduled contact with a coach. (Each 1-on-1 client has a bi-weekly in person (or Skype) 45 minute check in, bi-weekly 15 minute phone check in, and email support.)

This service is best suited for people who want to lose weight, optimize their health, and receive individualized guidance to reach their goals. More importantly, this is for men and women who are struggling with overwhelming information, lack of time management, an those who want guidance on overcoming their own personal obstacles. 

This is not a cookie cutter program, you program is YOUR program. Our job is to guide you in it an help you be successful.

If you feel you are a good fit for this service, please fill out the application below and we will contact you accordingly.

Our online nutrition coaching service is power by Precision Nutrition’s Pro Coach software.  It’s a curriculum proven to help people improve eating habits, improve boy composition, and keep people accountable to their goals.  Pro Coach, along with the guidance of one of our coaches provides the best solution for someone who is short on time and wants to optimize their health and nutrition.  Online nutrition coaching allows you to be anywhere in the world and still have access to your coach and program.  This service is for busy men and women take control of their eating. We do this by giving them mentorship and guidance with a proven system that has smart and effective lessons to help them make long-lasting change in eating, habits, and lifestyle.  If this sounds like it’s for you and you’re looking to improve your nutrition, then download our FREE Portion Control Guide. Click on the image below for more information.