We had a great turnout at Evolution Fitness and Tucson Barbell Club for the 1st Tucson Barbell Club Open this past Saturday, April 18th. A huge thanks to Jeremy Galo and Iron Athlete for coming out and helping us put on a great meet. Also a big thanks to the referees, loaders, and set up/breakdown crew that spent their day helping out. This was a great day for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting in Tucson. WOMEN'S RESULTS
A couple weeks ago a new client came into the gym and his focus was to get into great shape. Never mind there were numerous red flags with his movement, he didn't care. He wanted to lose some weight and get thin. I insisted he do a handful of 1 on 1 personal training sessions so that we could spend some time working with him to make sure he understood the movements, as well learn numerous mobility drills and warmups he needed prior to taking classes. During the first session I hear Jeremy (our trainer) say "You need to be more mindful when you pick the kettlebell up." He just looked at Jeremy and said (with a heavy New York accent) "Mindful? what does that mean? I just want to pick it up and workout." He seemed irritated and pretty confused.   It was a real eye opener for me in many ways. Not that I am surprised people aren't mindful when they train, but that they don't even get that mindfulness is a part of training. I personally can't train without being mindful, I have run out of luck when it comes to that so it just has to be a part of what I do. Mindlessness is Status Quo Stupid Fitness Memes Myself and Sr. SFG Jeremy Layport were teaching a StrongFirst Kettlebell Course this weekend and we found ourself repeating over and overagain to be mindful to all the participants.
American Challenge Banner with Red JPG Evolution Fitness will be hosting one of the biggest powerliting meets in the state! The 100% Raw American Challenge National Championships will be held at Evolution Fitness on May 30-31st, 2015. We are expecting more than 130 lifters to attend the two day event, as well as 100’s of spectators.  Last year we maxed our capacity of the gym and had over 500 Spectators on the 1st day alone!  This is a big event that will receive a lot of attention in the local, state, and national strength community. To help put on this event we are looking for some key sponsors. These sponsorship packages are  a great way to promote your business and support a great local event.  If you have any questions please let us know.

Come Join us with a day of AWESOME. The TSC test your Max Deadlift, Pullup Competition, and 5 minute Kettlebell Snatch Test. It is a great test of Max Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Cardiovascular Conditioning. It is also a great day of community and fun. You don't have to be...

We are really excited to be offering a kettlebell introduction class this Saturday December 13th, at 10am at Evolution Fitness. The best part is Sr. SFG Jeremy Layport will be teaching this class. He is one of the most experienced Kettlebell Instructors in the country. If you have been wanting to try our services this is a great way to start. We are re-vamping our group training schedule as of January 1st and looking forward to a great start t02015. If you have been wanting to achieve your fitness goals and work with a certified personal trainer then this is the time to try us out for no charge!!. One more added bonus... If you come to the Kettlebell Intro Class this Saturday you will also receive a complimentary week pass to all of our Evolution Fitness classes. We have six StrongFirst Certified Kettlebell Instructors on staff, and we guarantee you will have the best instruction in town when it comes to learning technique. At Evolution Fitness we put together some smart and challenging programming that will help people move better, become strong and more conditioned. So whether fat loss, strength, or more energy is your goal our Fitness Training Programs are for you!
jackiebackSmart Strength Programming: Tucson Barbell Club We are proud to be the home of Tucson Barbell Club here at Evolution Fitness. There are numerous gyms out there that dabble in olympic lifting and powerlifting and turn it into a circus act. This is a structured program that will focus on form, technique, and practice. For experienced lifters we even offer open gym memberships to practice your lifts. Not many gyms in Tucson let you come in and train the Olympic lifts.  Learn More..
Last week myself and a few friends decided to travel to Sacramento to compete at the APA Powerlifting Meet. Why Sacramento? Well our friend Ric Garcia is the head of the StrongFirst Powerlfiting Team and chose this meet as the site for the first ever StrongFirst Powerlifting Team to compete on the West Coast. Our Friend Ellen Stein was leading a team on the East Coast the same day.  Representing Tucson Barbell Club was myself(Danny Sawaya), Sergio Giardini, and Jacqueline Luciano. We had prepared for the past many months training for this meet. We had some big goals and felt like we had prepped appropriately to meet them.

What an amazing turn out at Evolution Fitness and Tucson Barbell club for the 100% Raw Powerlifting National Championships. We had well over 500 people through our doors on Saturday and Sunday for one of the biggest powerlifting meets in the state this year. Tucson Barbell Club Powerlifting Team did...

Is it the program? Is it the wraps? Is it the pre workout? Is it the shoes? If you have no clue what the last sentence is about then I have completely dated myself. Just for your reference here is a blast from the past of my youth....