We are looking forward to competing in the NASA Powerlifting Meet on November 9th. We have been training diligently as a team and are getting ready to start to peak our training. We may have up to 12 lifters compete in Mesa. The best thing about this is nearly every person that is in our barbell club started training in our regular kettlbell classes. They didn't sign up at Evolution Fitness to become powerlifters. Many are engineers, accountants, and teachers that never touched a barbell or a weight prior to signing up. After a short time of training with us they truely found the magic of what strength has to offer. The best thing about strength is when you start to feel it, you want more. Though we aren't knows as a powerlifting gym, I am sure happy to coach a bunch of committed to the continual pursuit of strength.
StrongFirst Logo Earlier this week Pavel Tsatsouline and Mark Toomey from StrongFirst invited me to be a Team Leader for their organization. It is a huge honor to be promoted by such an amazing company. When Pavel, the man that brought kettlebell training to the United States and has revolutionized strength training in America asks you to be a part of his team you say yes! As a result of accepting my new assignment, I will have to resign as an RKC certified instructor. Unfortunately there is a conflict of interest being involved in both organizations. The path that StrongFirst is taking will continue to revolutionize the strength training industry and I am very excited to be involved in the leadership of this company. With this promotion there will also be many opportunities for us to host and teach numerous daylong Barbell bodyweight and kettlebell courses. Evolution Tucson will continue to be a training hub for StrongFirst.
Tucson Barbell Club Weightlifting Team had a great day at the Iron Athlete Weightlifting Open at East Valley Crossfit. It was an action packed day with lifters from all over the state attending. Our lifters had a great day.

I have been following Paul Carter for almost 2 years now on Social Media. I have read his books Strength, Life, Legacy and Base Building,  as well as worked through a couple of his programs myself. His website Lift Run Bang has some great articles, and if you haven't read them I would check them out. I have done his 18 week program out of Strength, Life, Legacy, a mass building program, and used his peaking cycles for meet preparation. I have seen great results with each of his programs and realized that I pretty much hit my goals by the end of each one. I invited Paul to come out my facility Evolution Fitness/Tucson Barbell Club for a 2 day workshop to break down some fundamentals in Powerlifting last month and here is a recap of the weekend. I picked Paul up from the airport, and to say the least he is one big MOFO. Wearing his Punisher Tank he pretty much had every head turned at Tucson International Airport. It was a great weekend, myself and my team learned a lot, and I think Paul was just happy to be safe and sound after witnessing my awesome driving skills.


I had to share this for those that have been "thinking" about doing the Tactical Strength Challenge. I try to tell people all the time this is about you and your goals. I feel bad for people that rob themselves of this event by thinking they can't do a pull up or they can't lift enought. That is not what this event is about here at Evolution Fitness. Rachel Tineo one of our dearest friends and loyal clients wrote this on her experience with the TSC. On a side note her first 3 TSC events she wasn't even close to hitting her first pullup.. Her 4th TSC she hit her first strict pullup ever... Perserverance, dedication, and commitment come together at the Tactical Strength Challenge...

Rachel's Journey to the Tactical Strength Challenge..

At our Strength and Conditioning Facility in Tucson Arizona we work with kettlebells, barbells, sleds and many other really great pieces of equipment. One thing we really talk about is why are you doing a certain exercise or program. As personal trainers we have a duty to direct our clients and ensure that they are prepared to handle specific exercises and decide whether or not those exercises will get them to thier specific goals. The kettlebell snatch is a very explosive movement that offers great benefits in power development as well as conditioning. Many people take on the kettlebell snatch and put themselves at great risk for injury because they immediately go after volume and let the technique suffer. A few bad reps here and there may not cause a catastrophic event, but pile on hundreds of reps and you could have some issues. These few tips can make a big difference in improving your kettlebell snatch form and technique and may save your shoulders and hands in the long run........
DannyCourtWhat to Expect At Evolution: Expect to become stronger than you have ever imagined. If you want to lose weight, have more energy,or endurance, our program will work for you. If you have felt like you have tried the gym thing before and it didn't work for you, we are not suprised. That is what is expected with endurance based programs. Very few people see long term results. If you have been let down by fitness industry, then you owe it to yourself to give this a shot.  Read what our Clients are saying.

I have received numerous questions this week about passing the StrongFirst and RKC Snatch tests. There are numerous ways to get it done. It really depends on what your starting point is to decide the appropriate program. If you have never snatched a 24 kg kettlebell your program is going to look very different than the program I am about to lay out. This program is good for someone that is intermediate to advanced. This is good for someone that hasn’t passed the test yet but may be close or has passed it but barely and wants some more wiggle room. I strongly suggest that you can pass the test in under 4 minutes and 30seconds prior to attending the cert. Also if you tell me you have passed it but your hands were hamburger afterwards, you are not ready. Your hands will be sore a beat up at the certification you need to OWN this snatch test before you go. Meaning….. You need to be able to pick up that 24kg bell cold if need be and pass the test with time to kill. One more thing… Probably THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of advice I can give. DO NOT use the snatch test as a training protocol. I hear guys all the time saying I have been doing the snatch test every week and I haven’t passed yet. This could be the worst idea for your preparation. Remember it is called the Snatch Test…Tests are tests not training protocols. This is a great way to burn out and rock your CNS.

A very big congratulations to Tucson Barbell Club (the competitive branch of Evolution Fitness). We placed first overall at the 100% Raw Southwestern Regional Powerlifting Meet in Prescott Arizona on March 29-30th.  We also had some stand out performances!! Team member Andrew Lee: Set the 165lb weight class Open state record...

As a Personal Training Facility that specializes in Corrective Exercise and Post Rehab training we get lots of questions on why we use the FMS as a tool to help our clients. The FMS really has become the standard in the industry of screening movement and we have spent thousands of dollars in our training to learn the system. I was trained directly by Gray Cook the creator of the Functional Movement Screen and since people in Tucson probably don't move too differently than people in other parts of the country we feel that it is a great fit for our Fitness Facility. I get asked lots of questions about the FMS and why we use it so here is a little article can give you my view of why we use it.

What is the FMS and why can it be helpful?