Corrective Exercise and Functional Movement Screen



Corrective Exercise and Functional Movement Screen

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  • Sitting at a desk or in front of a computer for extended Periods of time?As you know sitting in front of a computer either for work or leisure automatically puts your body in a compromised position. Hips are tight, head leans forward, arms out in front of you? All of these add to poor body mechanics after you get up from the computer.
  • People are always telling you to stand strait or upright and it feels awkward or uncomfortable to do so. There is a reason for this. Your nervous system is sending the messages to your muscles without your permission. There are specific ways we will help you rebuild the communication to your muscles and improve posture.
  • Spend more time in your car than you like? The average American Spends 15 hours per week in a car. So if you drive around as part of your job you probably spend more time. This position is a deal breaker for you back.
  • Do you walk with poor posture? Feet angle out when you walk?
  • Old injuries such as broken or sprain ankles or old car accident?

If you can relate to any of the above scenarios then this program may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Many people feel that stretching is the key to a healthier back.
In many cases this is true, but unfortunately most people are
stretching the wrong muscles and actually making the back pain worse!”

At Tucson Strength we will…

  • Design a corrective exercise program for you based on your specific needs.
  • Give you the tools to empower yourself and not depend on a trainer.
  • Help take you to the next level of health and fitness with a strong and stable body.

Here is Danny Sawaya’s story the Owner of Evolution Fitness. As a professional personal trainer with degenerative disc disease in my lower back I had experienced lower back pain for years  and spent large amounts of money on chiropractic care, orthopedic consults, massage therapy, and MRIs. After numerous episodes, I finally hit a wall. Continual setbacks  lead to me losing motivation to workout at all. As a trainer I felt like I should be able to figure it out. I tried numerous stretches which ended up stretching the wrong things and put me into worse pain. I then dedicated myself to studying the human body deeper than I ever had. I attended numerous educational events and I learned how all of the muscles in the legs, hips, glutes (buttocks), lower back and abdominals all work together. I started to put some workouts together with stretches and stabilization work. After utilizing these techniques on myself with great success I started to hear potential clients tell me of their lower back issues setting them back with working out. I started using these methods on my clients with great success. **

How is Tucson Strength Different?

Our philosophy is that of teacher rather than just a trainer. It is like the story of feeding someone or teaching them how to fish. We want you to feel empowered and able. The Functional Movement Screen is a powerful tool that we can use to help problem solve what is going on and set you on the right path. We will then teach you the drills and exercise to start working on any imbalances you may have. Many people call this type of training post rehabilitative training, we choose the term corrective exercise because it is exercise not therapy.

How long will it take before I see improvement?

This really depends on the individual. You have spent years earning your dysfunction, so the problem may not go away over night. I do know that after a few sessions clients usually report feeling “really connected to their body” and have some new awarenesses of their body. Remember, this is a process to change how your body moves.

**As a health and fitness professional, I need to reiterate that we not  physical therapists or medical professionals, and we do not intend to take the place of one. If you are under the care of a medical professional please ask them before starting any exercise program.

If you adhere to your program, show up regularly for your appointments and do the assignments that are given to do at home, you will be surprised how your body will feel. Here are what some of my clients have said about our corrective exercise program.