Seminar #2, Energy Balance and Good Nutrition Explained.

Seminar #2, Energy Balance and Good Nutrition Explained.

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  • Have you tried to eat “clean” and healthy food and still find it challenging to lose weight?
  • Are you increasing your exercise and still not seeing the scale move?
  • Are you confused as to what a good nutrition means anymore?

If you are curious to learn more, we invite you to our next installment in our FREE nutrition lectures. We really want to help educate and teach the concept of good nutrition to the community. No crazy diets or fads, just solid habit-based techniques and strategies that help men, women, and children reach their nutrition goals.

This upcoming lecture is scheduled for August 22nd, 2015 and it will start at 10:15 am and run until 11:15 am.

If you want to attend please rsvp via the link below.

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During this lecture we will be covering  the first step to any good nutrition program, understanding the general philosophy of the program and the biggest factor for success.

We will discuss the principles of Good Nutrition and why it is an important concept to use as a framework for ALL of your future nutrition needs.

We will also discuss the concept of energy balance and how it can be used to manipulate our weight, body composition, and how it can affect our performance.

By the end we will give you an action plan to takeaway and start working on your nutrition.

As mentioned, the lecture is free and I hope you share this with others and fill the room.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.  If you plan to attend, please RSVP via the link provided and we’ll be sure to save you a spot.

Jesus Acuña-CSCS, Pn1



Please bring a journal to take notes.


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