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Gail Leveque, Endurance Coach


I was an adult onset athlete, I was like a lot of women starting out, a little overweight and loaded with self-doubt. My journey from non-athletic mother of two, to elite age group triathlete has given me the unique ability to relate to athletes of all ages and abilities. I have completed more than 100 triathlons, duathlons and running races since beginning training at age 36.  Athletic accomplishments include:

•4 X USA Triathlon All-American

•2 x Top 3 USA Triathlon Long Course National Championships

•2 x Ironman podium finisher

•2 x Ironman World Championships qualifier – 6th place age group 2004

•Boston Marathon Qualifier/finisher  2013


With more than 15 years or coaching experience, I have helped hundreds of athletes of all levels from beginner to pro. Whether you are looking to get started running safely , increase your distance and speed or improve your race results, I have the experience and knowledge to make it happen. Some  athlete accomplishments:

•Overall winner – Race Across The Sand (RATS) multi-day trail run from Grand Junction to Moab

•Age Group Prodium “ 70.3 World Championships

•Boston Marathon qualifier

•USA Triathlon All- American


I have “retired” from competitive racing but still enjoy the benefits of an active, multisport lifestyle, and I love to do the occasional race with friends and family. When I’m not running or playing at the gym, I like to bake, read, and play scrabble. I love to travel and explore random grocery stores with my husband. On a nice day, you might find me hiking in the mountains or taking my cruiser to the Farmer’s Market…….or maybe relaxing in the hammock on the porch.


Endurance Coach Tucson

Why is the owner of the gym writing a testimonial for one of his staff? Because I was a coached by Gail before I brought her on board at Tucson Strength. I was so blown away by her experience, care, and passion, and I had to have her on our team.

I was a deconditioned powerlifter in the beginning of 2016. I could lift a lot of weight, but I got winded running a mile. I decided to work on my running and made an attempt by myself, but it was discouraging, painful, and I wanted to quit. I spoke to coach Gail, and in a very nice way she told me I wasn’t doing it the best way. I started to incorporate her advice into my program and saw some results immediately.  


Within  a year Gail helped transform my training and coached me through 3 half marathons, 2 triathlons, and a 70.3 Ironman! Not only did I complete the 70.3, but I finished strong and never stopped or walked the entire race. Most importantly I put in an enormous amount of training over the year and never once had an injury. 

Gail has a gift of knowing her athletes. She knows when to push hard and when to pull back on training, even before they know. I have never had such an amazing coaching experience and am honored to have her on our staff.

Danny Sawaya

Gail  has a marvelous way of coaching and extracting our best efforts in each class session. She motivates without judging, but still pushes us to excel. She has an insightful manner that encourages you to give just a little more, and then a little more. 

She pushes us to push ourselves and go beyond what we thought was possible – not beyond our capabilities, but beyond what we perceived our capabilities to be. 

Often when Gail asks me to give just that little bit extra, first I groan and complain a little, but then I find I often achieve a new breakthrough. Breakthroughs are what keeps it exciting for me and what fuels my competitive spirit.

–  Linden Hickey

I just wanted to put up a quick post to emphasize the value of the training we are getting with Gail. I am currently training for the 10k, and had struggled to complete several 5K’s during the past year. By following the plan (as best I can) and running with the group on Saturdays, I have to say that it is helping tremendously. Before staring this program, I was totally inactive for nearly 2.5 mo recovering from surgery, so starting to run again was no easy task (& I’ve never been particularly athletic).

Over Thanksgiving w/end I ran in the Napa Turkey Chase 5K and found it was the easiest 5K that I’ve ever run! Knowing how to pace myself was the key. I felt like I could keep going further at the end, instead of feeling relief that it was over. For the first time in my life, I really look forward to running. I used to love to hate it. Hope you are feeling something similar!

 – Kathy Mcleod

Tucson Running Groups

Tucson Running Groups

 – Kathy Mcleod

Gail is a wonderful running coach.  I had never ran before.  Actually, I was very reluctant and would always say “I am not a runner”Gail made me think of myself as a runner.  She has been very patient with me and has walked me through the steps, literally. 

I started the run group July 2017 and now 3 months later I can run 5 miles without stopping.  I might not seem like a lot, but to me it is A LOT!!  I would not have been able to run even a mile without stopping if it weren’t for Gail assuring me that all I have to do is stay calm and breathe. 

I am now training for a half marathon and am super excited about it, and have no doubt that I will be more than ready as Gail’s coaching technique is very doable and not over whelming.  Thank you coach Gail!”

-Claudia Bernal