One of the biggest differences with our program is that our training staff is highly knowledgeable in our field. Whether it is one on one training or a group setting we will do our best to give you what you need out of your session. We very involved in instructing our classes. They are not dancing around to the music,  working out during class or staring off into the distance. We are teaching. This is NOT group exercise at a big box gym. This is a school of strength and we expect to teach our clients the best methods out there to be safe and strong.


Strength & Conditioning is our flagship program that started it all! This is a balanced program consisting of mobility, strength, and conditioning. You will learn how to utilize kettlebells as an amazing tool for all around strength and fitness. Whether your goal is to lose weight, become stronger, or just be generally prepared for life, this is a great program for you.  These classes use the kettlebell as the main tool for swing, squats, get-ups, and presses, but we also utilize numerous other tools such as TRX, sleds, rowers, ropes, and more.

Each class will focus on full body strength and have a conditioning component. Our program is a well thought out approach that offers balance and progressions from week to week with the goal of  improving both strength and conditioning. Founder, Danny Sawaya is one of the few instructors around the world that is on the staff of  StrongFirst, the leader in kettlebell instruction for trainers.


This program is for the individual that wants to focus primarily on Strength. On this side of the gym Strength IS the greater purpose. This program is not for the individual that wants to get fit. This is for the person that wants to lift heavier weight. We offer a recreational and competitive  Powerlifting Program. While many of our lifters do compete in the barbell sports, it is not a pre-requisite or requirement for participating. We do ask that people are free of current injury and have requisite mobility to do the lifts appropriately.



This is conditioning at it’s finest. We use our state of the art heart monitoring system to gauge intensity and offer a great experience. We see HIIT Training misused by many facilities. Anyone can create a workout that makes you tired, but that doesn’t mean its beneficial to the trainee. Using kettelbells, sleds, ropes, rowers, AirDynes and a variety of other tools we create an experience that will push you and offer long term results, but not burn you out.


This program is great for women who are new to strength training and want a close eye on form and technique. This 6 week program will teach all the fundamentals and have you feeling stronger and moving better in a short period of time. Nutrition coaching is a large part of this program. Many women lose weight and drop dress sizes, but we don’t like to just focus on the scale.   Meeting with our Nutrition coach and setting goals is one of the biggest benefits of this program.

We know you won’t find this kind of attention with similar programs anywhere.  We utilize kettlebells, body weight exercises, and many other forms of training to help you achieve awesome results. At the end of the initial 6 weeks many of our members stay on with us and join in our other great programs.


Strength Club is a semi-private group training class focused on helping members improve their skills with barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and other equipment through fundamental movement patterns. Basically, we want you to move well and then do so with various pieces of equipment to help you build strength.  A strong emphasis is also placed on technique and understanding smart programming. 

Original Strength Instructors Tucson

Original Strength

Restore lost movement. Original Strength was developed to help people move better by starting with the fundamentals. This isn’t a stretching class. You will move each joint in your body from your head to your toes and it will involve rocking, rolling, crawling, and other ground based movements. The results we have seen with our membership has made this our most sought after class.



Come practice the skill of rowing with us. Each class will focus on technique, conditioning different energy systems, as well as increasing power development. We work towards improving towards different goals. Expect an great  training session that is thought fully planned out. We get together with other gyms throughout the year to test our rowing skills in different events.


Our group training memberships also give our members full open access to our facility! This means you can also come in and train on your own in our weight room, cardio area, and obstacle course training area. No other training facility offers the open access facility we do.

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