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Kettlebells Training at Tucson Strength

The kettlebell is a diverse tool that if used correctly will:

  • See significant improvement in strength
  • Cause Increased cardiovascular performance
  • Teach you how to move correctly and strengthen the posterior chain of the body
  • Improve power development
  • Improve mobility and stability

With the kettlebell we can help teach someone how to move better and become more fit. The most important thing when using a kettlebell is learning how to use it correctly. It can be used to help individuals improve back health and strength. We use that an important tool in our Strength Training Classes.

Our staff is nationally certified in Kettlebell Instruction with StrongFirst, the industry leader in kettlebell instruction. The owner of Evolution Fitness, Danny Sawaya is a Team Leader with StrongFirst and teaches Trainers around the country how to use kettlebell effectively. We have seen how many other fitness facilities incorporate kettlebells into their routines and we are proud of how we teach people to use them safely.

Our group classes always focus on healthy movement with a foundation of strength, and then conditioning. Our goal isn’t to destroy people with exercise. Our training sessions are always challenging, but also have a thoughtful progression and solid programming.





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