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Mike Moran, OS2


I was not very active after graduating high school. I was an artist/musician and then fell into an IT tech support career. I was about to turn 30 and almost 300 pounds when my brother told me he was gonna take up karate under his father in law. I joined too and found that thing I needed. Movement,discipline and freedom in my body. I decided to learn how to get stronger. That led me to the kettlebell and learning from Danny Sawaya who is a Strongfirst instructor in 2011. The kettlebell taught me a lot and opened my mind up to lots of strength pursuits. Original Strength was brought up on a kettlebell webpage so I checked it out. That was the missing link I needed to bring everything together. The simple but effective movements in OS unlocked my body so I could get even stronger. I knew I wanted to share the transformation I had with everyone that I could.


I specialize in movement and strength training using various modalities like crawling, rolling patterns, kettlebells,bodyweight training,barbells,etc. My goal is to help people unlock their bodies so they can move with freedom, strength, and have a life that is enjoyable that will allow them to pursue all of their dreams. I beleive movement and strength training are a key to having a healthy life.


I train in karate multiple times a week holding a current rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in Enshin karate. At the gym I like to explore movement and finding new ways to get stronger whether that is with handstand progressions or working on the Turkish Get Up. I love to hang out with my family and do fun things outdoors as much as we can. I read tons of books on training, nutrition, fiction, and enjoy movies in my spare time.


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I started attending Original Strength class once a week at Tucson Strength in Fall 2016. After the first month (only four classes) I started noticing improvement in my flexibility, mobility and strength. In the Winter of 2016, I injured my lower back. Between having a job sitting at the computer and over doing it in Kettlebell classes, I thought I was going to have quit working out and head to physical therapy. When Mike heard I was injured, he invited me to meet with him one on one. During our first session, Mike listened to me explain the pain and expertly observed my mobility in the OS and kettlebell exercises. In that session and every session since,
Mike has taught me how to best move in the exercises to build strength and increase mobility.  I experienced immediate relief from the back pain and remain pain free over 10 months later.Amanda T.

Resetting everyday with Original Strength has given me the ability to relieve tightness in my joints and muscles, gain flexibility as well as build core strength. OS mimics natural movements we had naturally as infants.  Activating these movements help connect body and brain, ultimately developing increased strength and flexibility.

With OS I have found a lifetime movement mobility program that I can practice anytime, anywhere and definitely for my lifetime. In the few months I have practiced OS I have regained mobility and flexibility I did not feel I’d regain at my age.

I appreciate that Mike Moran, OS trainer, constantly adds new movements and challenges that continually help develop strength.

–  Veronika K

I have been doing OS with Mike two to three times a week for several months.   I initially found that the movements worked out the crunches and creaks in my joints.   In particular,  my neck and shoulders were often sore from my workouts and made lots of noise when I moved.  OS  movements have alleviated all of those issues.  
My entire body moves better.  I am able to do my workouts with greater strength and less issues to my joints.  
On its own, it’s a great workout.  Added to regular workouts, it has helped me to lift heavy kettle bells without having the joint issues I had before.  I am much more flexible too!
 – Sandy S

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Jesus Acuña, CSCS, SFG, Pn2 – General Manager


I  received a Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Education with a minor in Spanish from the University of Arizona. After graduating I have  continued on to  earn my  Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Certification through the NSCA, Precision Nutrition Level 2 Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coach, and a level 1 StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Certification.

I became interested in fitness after going through my own journey of losing 100 pounds in 2009. (read the entire story here)

I joined the Tucson Strength team in 2015 as coach and I am now the General Manager of the gym.


I specialize in lifestyle habit changes, nutrition education, weight management, cardiovascular fitness, and various strength training modalities. As a fitness professional, I have helped men and women lose hundreds of pounds while working with various programs through organizations like the University of Arizona, El Rio Health Services, Codac Behavioral Health Services, the Boys and Girls Club of Tucson, and various Tucson Public Schools.


During my off time I enjoy strength training in the gym, off on a trail riding my mountain bike, playing soccer, or baby proofing my home my wife Annette, for our growing family.

Over the past year I got out of my comfort zone and competed in my first triathlon and 1/2 marathon which has been a fun experience!


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Have to share a story about yesterday as it helped add some clarity to my goals for strength training. The fine line between being strong but not bulky, right :)?! I was on my way to a meeting last night and there was a truck that was stalled in the middle of the road. Everyone just kept driving around him and this poor guy was trying to push and steer the truck out of the way by himself. Without a question, I pulled over and knew I was strong enough to help him. To me strength is about it never being a limiting factor for me. Never doubting that I am strong enough to carry my kids, all 3 of them if necessary. Strong enough to carry the 40 lb. bag of dog food. Strong enough to give my 96 year old grandma stability when she walks. Strong enough to replace the water jug on the water cooler at work. Strong enough to help a stranger push his car. Strong enough to participate in anything that comes my way. 
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding training me. Working towards specific goals while complementing my training in classes has been so beneficial.  – Missy Edy
The past few months have been anxiety laden for me, just really bad. Not being able to be at the gym made me feel even worse, but you saw the importance in what I have learned about myself in my time away. That made a huge difference in how I see the past several months regarding my physical health.

Instead of feeling like I failed, you made me realize that I have learned. You have spent time coaching me and encouraging me for the past few years. Today you made it very clear to me that you have really listened every time we have met, that you know me better than the time we have spent together would indicate.

You know how to minimize my anxieties and how to help me help myself. Most people tell me that I am a calming influence for them, but you can see the storm. You are an excellent listener, and that makes you an outstanding coach. –  Smita

I feel like we work in partnership: yours is not top-down coaching. You don’t tell me what to do and you don’t tell me how to do it differently. Instead, you know just the right important questions to ask to lead me toward discovery. I appreciate that approach very much.- Becky Myrick