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Train with Purpose and Train with a Plan

As with all of our programs at Evolution Fitness we have a purpose and a method. Anyone can destroy you with random acts of training and intensity. TV shows like the Biggest Loser have set back fitness and health 20 years, and unfortunately gyms are popping up everywhere with rookie trainers and this mindset. We have designed our newest conditioning program based on the science of training to ensure you will become more conditioned, fit, and have longevity in your training.

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My Zone Technology

Our entire facility is wired with MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring Technology. When we program our conditioning portions of our classes we will design intervals and intensity based on proven research.

Members will be equipped with Heart Rate monitors that will project HR onto Television monitors in the gym.


Why is this Important?

  • Allows Staff and you to know when to push the intensity and when to back off!
  • Over training is one of the biggest reasons people quit training programs
  • Ability to track training sessions will allow for balance of training different energy systems

Added Benefits of Utilizing the MyZone System


With the MyZone Heart Rate Monitor you will have:

  • Full access to the MyZone App which will track all of your workouts inside and outside of the gym! If you wear your monitor on that long hike, walk, or run the monitor will sync to the MyZone.
  • It will also be available to the Evolution training staff to review your training to assist you in your goals.
    See a cool Demo Video here.
  • If you don’t have your phone with you the heart rate monitor will sync to your phone when you are back in contact with it.

What Are the Training Zones?

Here is a basic spreadsheet we put together to gauge intensity. Each workout will have different goals. Some training sessions will focus on short but very high intensity bouts of training followed with longer recovery sessions while other sessions may focus on a longer interval based on  moderate intensity and shorter rest periods. We will be designing each workout to make sure that within a given week or month to make sure appropriate balance of training is achieved. Just to reiterate we will push you but it isn’t our job to destroy you. You don’t need to wear a HR monitor if your goal is to be incapacitated. We make sure your form and technique are on point the entire time you are training with us. We train hard and we train smart.


Types of Equipment We Utilize

We will utilize numerous pieces of equipment in our conditioning classes and the conditioning portions of our Strength based classes. Expect to use Kettlebells, Rowers, AirDynes, Ropes, Sleds, and body weight exercises to increase your Heart Rate. We promise to make it fun and challenging with professional instruction.

What is the Difference Between Conditioning Classes and our Kettlebell Classes?

Our Evolution Conditioning Program will be cardio based  where as our kettlebell program will have a larger focus full body strength training  followed by a shorter cardiovascular finisher. Both classes will  different challenges and we recommend our clientele to take  conditioning,  kettlebell, and our yoga  classes for a balanced approach to fitness and all are open to current members of Evolution!



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