Original Strength is Coming to Tucson

Original Strength Tucson

Original Strength is Coming to Tucson

Original Strength Training Tucson Fitness

It has been awhile since we have hosted an organization to come in and teach a workshop or certification at our facility. After years of being in the industry we have seen just about every fad come and go. We have opened the doors to only a handful of organizations. Over the years we tightened the reigns on whom we would allow to come to our facility because we need to make sure the methods and the company is of the highest quality.

Original Strength has turned our head and we have  paid attention to their methods and system. Why? Because it has shown results with our members. We have had so many stories of people reporting back to us that they feel better than they have in years after doing an OS training session.  Clients that have been haunted with  nagging aches that have lessened tremendously within a few sessions.

Restoring fundamental movement patterns with this system is fun and accessible to everyone.  We don’t promote systems that we haven’t witnessed and experienced first hand and couldn’t be happier to bring this education to Tucson!


WHEN: Saturday, MAY 6th

WHERE: TUCSON STRENGTH- 5252 E. Speedway Blvd

TIME: 8am-4pm

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