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We believe that “life is too short to be weak” and we want to help people move better, get stronger, and be more awesome! There are no fads or crazy diets in this program, just hard work.  You get out what you put in. We’ll make sure to provide a supportive environment and teach you the skills to help you be successful. Check out the details below to get started.

The Strong and Healthy Woman’s Program was designed to help you:

Build a foundation of strength & health that helps you do more in life

Women come to this program with a variety of goals.  Some want the energy to run around and keep up with their families.  Others want to be so strong they can push their car to the side of the road if it ever broke down.  Others want to lose weight the smart way! This program is designed to build a foundation of movement and skills to help you accomplish your specific goals.  Our qualified staff will provide support and encouragement to keep you accountable.

Learn the ins and outs of strength training so you become competent in the “gym life”

Strength training can be the best thing for you when done correctly.  We want you to feel confident that you know what you’re doing with the skills and technique to avoid injury and push hard for the results you want. That’s why we teach while we train you.  Each workout has an instruction component where the instructor will guide you, answer any questions, and give plenty of feedback on what is going to work best for you to meet your goals.  We want you to get the most out of your training and that means giving you the best instruction we can deliver.

Redefine what it means to live and move with your body

So much of the fitness industry is focused on telling people to be bigger or smaller.  We want to help you get stronger so that you can do more of the things that make you awesome. We won’t focus on how many pounds you lose and call that a success. We won’t focus on your before and after pictures to judge your effort and commitment.  We will ask that you give your best shot and show up consistently.

We feel so confident in our program we will offer a Money Back Guarantee!

When are classes offered?

Upcoming kickoff is August 25th, 2018 at 10:15 am. 

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9:00 am (NEW TIME)
  • Monday/Wednesday at 6:15 pm and Saturday 8:00 am

If you have questions about getting started, please call us at 520-445-6800

What’s included in the program?

  • 6 Weeks of small group training that meets 3x per week.  
  • Unlimited support from highly qualified staff
  • 6 Weeks of a proven habit-based nutrition program.
  • Access to private Facebook Support group.


AUGUST 25, 2018 10:15am

Now until July 31st –    $199

August 1-August 14th –  $229

After August 14th –  $249

Want to know more about our philosophy and training methods?