Strong & Healthy Woman Fitness Tucson

Women Strength Training groups Tucson

Strong & Healthy Woman Fitness Tucson

We received this testimonial the other day and we were deciding which part of it I wanted to post or highlight and we figured to post the entire thing. This is exactly what we started our gym, this is why we started the Strong and Healthy Woman Program. Any gym can take you through random acts of exercise with 30 other people. Here is what Nikki had to say about her experience with our Women’s Strength Training Program..

“I moved to Tucson at the beginning of November after traveling across country for several months. Needless to say, my diet and (non-existent) exercise on the road led to weight gain and mobility issues. When I started to look into different gyms/programs, my main goal was to 1) just start being active again 2) work on increasing mobility safely and 3) build strength. I decided on Tucson Strength after seeing the reviews and reading about the trainers. Unlike the other programs and gyms in town, Tucson Strength didn’t feel “gimmicky”, the trainers have a variety of certifications and training,  and they consistently highlighted safety in their programs. When I started the Strong and Healthy Woman program, I noticed that several of the women in class had mobility issues – between dislocations, spinal injuries, or whatever was going on that day, Stacie noticed and made it a point to modify the workout or just have us take a break to avoid further injury. On the flip side, she (and all the trainers) pushed us when we needed it. At times it even felt like we had a little personal training session! because the trainer would work with us individually when we were struggling or confused.

Women Strength Training groups Tucson

Before the program I was feeling stuck, anxious and somewhat depressed with the changes in my body; choosing a gym and committing to a program wasn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do either, especially since I never had a gym membership before and the intimidation factor was definitely there. However, since I completed the program (I made it to every class the whole six weeks!) I have noticed a major improvement in my mood and energy levels which is huge for me. Also, I’ve only had maybe 1-2 days of back/hip pain over the past 6 weeks…as compared to 3-4 days out of the week prior to starting the program. Although losing weight wasn’t a major focus for me, I did lose a few pounds over the course of the program. I would recommend this program for any woman who: isn’t about the “get skinny quick” schemes promoted by other programs/trainers, wants professional training in a small group setting, can hold themselves accountable, and wants to build strength. I decided to stay on with Tucson Strength after Strong and Healthy Woman  – it’s definitely a financial investment, but your body, mind and health are worth it. Plus, all of the trainers and current members are really awesome and helpful!”


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