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Evolution Fitness was one of the first gyms in Tucson Utilizing the FMS as a screening tool. It has been a very important tool in helping us make sure our clients are receiving the best plan of action when it comes to their fitness and health goals. Here is a little write up from our FMS Level 2 certified Trainer, Aris Demarco.


Developing and maintaining quality movement is one of our main goals here at Evolution Fitness and the one we address first in each of our clients. Without a foundation of quality movement nothing else that we do will have any lasting value. Functional Movement Screen FMS in Tucson Corrective ExerciseWe follow the philosophy of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as a baseline to determine each client’s quality of movement. The FMS consists of 7 movement patterns that examine symmetry, mobility, stability, and coordination in the basic movement patterns.
  • Symmetry is important because, although no one has a perfectly symmetrical body, having one arm or leg much stronger or more flexible than the other will most definitely increase the risk of injury whether in the gym or in daily life.
  • Mobility is generally defined as the amount of flexibility an individual can control, or the functional range of motion around each joint. For example, with the aid of a partner I might be able to lift my arms over my head, but if I cannot control that position by myself, it will not do me much good if I attempt to lift a weight overhead.
  • Stability is the capability of preventing unwanted motion. This is vital for efficient movement as well as safe body control.
  • Coordination through basic movement pa
People always ask me which certifications are the best if they want to become a personal trainer. First, I want to say that having a certification doesn't make anyone a good personal trainer, but at least they did the minimum. Many trainers at the big box gyms like LA Fitness don't even hold credible certificaitons, and if they do hold a minimal certification they are called Master Trainer. As a gym owner with over 12 years in the field I thought I would shed my opinion on this subject, based on experience. I ran a personal training department at a vocational college for a couple years and had to study the different certifications. Anyway, Here is a quick breakdown of the major personal training certifications. Now you may not see some here, but that is because there are way too many to count nowadays. I also haven't reviewed any of the specialty certifications in this blog like Crossfit, RKC, FMS,StrongFirst and others. I may do so in the future.