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I can't express the excitement we have about our upcoming move. We are moving into a 12,400sqft building! Our current location is 6400sqft.  For those familiar with Tucson we will be occupying the old Chuck E. Cheese building in Monterey Village on the southwest corner of Speedway and Wilmot. We...

We are looking forward to competing in the NASA Powerlifting Meet on November 9th. We have been training diligently as a team and are getting ready to start to peak our training. We may have up to 12 lifters compete in Mesa. The best thing about this is nearly every person that is in our barbell club started training in our regular kettlbell classes. They didn't sign up at Evolution Fitness to become powerlifters. Many are engineers, accountants, and teachers that never touched a barbell or a weight prior to signing up. After a short time of training with us they truely found the magic of what strength has to offer. The best thing about strength is when you start to feel it, you want more. Though we aren't knows as a powerlifting gym, I am sure happy to coach a bunch of committed to the continual pursuit of strength.
Over the past couple of years we have seen a huge boom in the fitness industry. I have worked in the big box gyms as a personal trainer at Gold's Gym and Bally's and served as manager and trainer of Crossfit Gyms. I have to say Crossfit has done a great thing in the industry by getting people off of treadmills, ellipticals, and weight machines. On the other hand the push for this hard core lift till you puke mentality has also shifted way too far now. It seems as if the biggest trend is people braggin about how hard they have "worked out" or "exercised". They brag about wanting to throw up or that they couldn't move for awhile after working out. This may not be a bad thing once in awhile, but the tendacy to abuse this type of training is wide spread. At first there is a big kick of adrenaline that is produced with these workouts, but over time it also leads to a crashed adrenal system, overuse injuries, and general lack of adherance to a training program.