Joseph Martin

Joseph has been a client with us for over 4 years. His journey has been inspiring. Joe has been diligent and consistent in his training over the past 4 years.  He rarely ever misses a group training session or kettlebell class, and he has put just as much time and effort into his nutrition and overall lifestyle.  Joe has lost close to 100lbs  and he is the perfect example of never giving up and slow and steady wins the race. Congrats on you transformation Joe!


Yvette’s Amazing Transformation

I have gone from my starting size of 24/26 to a 16.  I have not really noticed my transformation since joining Evolution.  My journey has been slow but constant and all about getting healthy, not just weight lost.

Thank you for supporting me.  But even more important, thank you for always welcoming me back when my hectic work schedules interfered with me attending regularly.

Your team has ways supported me needing to re-adjust my training or starting over when I have been gone for long gaps of time, weather because of work or injuries.  No one ever made me feel bad or guilty. You all where just glad to see me.


Rachel Tineo

Danny is rated #1 to me. He has changed the way I think about exercise completely. He’s an AWESOME trainer anda great mentor. He has brought so much value to my life, helping me to take control of my health, mind, and body. He’s awesome at tecahing. He not only takes his time to explain what you are doing, but why it is important. I am so excited when I have class because Danny and his staff are perfectionists and I know he is going to have a great workout planned.