The Evolution Fitness Challenge 2016



The Evolution Fitness Challenge 2016



Are You Ready for a Challenge That Will Make You Stronger, Move Better, and Train With Purpose?

Information Meeting and Kickoff is February 6th at 10:45 am. RSVP today.

 A message from the owner:

The fitness industry is failing people.  Everyone from small studios to big box gyms are promoting life changing success this new year. Promising a slimmer waist, sexy thighs, and washboard abs.

The catch is that you have to follow restrictive food guides and unsustainable workout schedules.

Even more damaging is the fact that if you somehow manage to follow the “rules” and meet the unrealistic goals, the same fitness professionals that are promising you health and vitality reward you with cash but leave you without any tools to sustain your “success”.

We at Evolution Fitness are tired of the gimmicks and want to change the face of the fitness industry.

We’ve put together a challenge that encourages you to build healthy habits, get stronger, do recovery work, do strength work, participate in daily physical activity, and get involved with your community.

Will you lose some pounds?  Sure, if you have some to lose, but more importantly you’ll challenge yourself to move better, be stronger, and train with purpose.


RSVP for the Free February 6th Information Meeting and Kickoff Event at 10:45 am.

You can choose to enroll at the meeting and participate.

There will be a complimentary kettlebell intro before the event for people new to kettlebell or needing a refresher. 

What is the Evolution Fitness Challenge?


blacketts-ridgeWe have set up numerous activities that will encourage participants to not only train in the gym, but also to become more active outside the gym. Each challenge will have a point value attached to it.

At the end of the 6 weeks, the person with the highest point total will win the Evolution Fitness Challenge. This means anyone can win!

We have built in checks and balances to eliminate the possibility unfair point accumulation.

Some of the challenges include:

  • Hiking Tumamoc Hill
  • Going for a walk/run
  • Doing a recovery yoga class in gym or the community
  • Making a donation to a local charity
  •  Push ups challenges
  • 200 swings in 20 minutes
  • Sled Push Challenges
  • Rower/AirDyne Challenges
  • And Many more… Learn all of them at the kickoff on February 6,

Why Did We Put a Challenge Together?


First, we want to encourage fitness throughout our Tucson community in a smart and effective manner. We believe that strength training and physical activity are cornerstones to a strong and healthy body so we want to encourage people to do more of these activities.

Second, we want to be the leaders in developing effective programs for our members at Evolution and the surrounding community. We believe that the fitness industry is failing people by promoting unhealthy practices and marketing them with sexy pictures and glamorized results.  We see a need to change the face of fitness, promote sustainable habits, and level the playing fields for all that participate.

How Does the Challenge Work?


The challenge includes:

  • Access  and participation in group training classes at Evolution Fitness
  • Completing physical activity events around the community, for example completing a 20 mile bike ride or walking up Tumamoc Hill and other activities. 
  • Completing strength challenges at Evolution Fitness like 200 kettlebell swings in 20 minutes, 50 push ups, a 500 meter row for time,and others.  
  • Giving back to the community via donations to a organization of your choice that is based in Tucson.

By participating in the challenge you’ll also receive a nutrition guide and body composition measurements. Although weight loss is not a focus for this challenge, we understand that some members may have body composition change goals and we want to make sure they are successful.

Each participant that signs up will have 6 weeks to complete the various challenges to accumulate points.  The accumulation of points will be used for determining challenge leaders and rewards earned. Our point and reward system will be revealed to all participants at our challenge kickoff on February 6th, 2016. RSVP and come to the information meeting to find out more.  You can choose to enroll then.

Prizes will be awarded to the participants with the highest amount of points as follows:

  • 1st Place: $500 Cash or 3 Months Unlimited Group Training  and  $200 Evolution Bucks ($635 Value) OR 8 sessions One on One Training and $100 Evolution Bucks ($660 Value)
  • 2nd Place: 1- Month Unlimited Group Training and $150 Evolution Bucks 
  • 3rd Place: $100 Evolution Bucks
  • 4th Place: $50 Evolution Bucks

***All participants that earn 200 points will receive an Evolution Fitness tee shirt ***

RSVP for the Free February 6th Information Meeting and Kickoff Event at 10:45 am.

You can choose to enroll at the meeting and participate.

There will be a complimentary kettlebell intro before the event for people new to kettlebell or needing a refresher.

A Note from Danny Sawaya:

Looking around the fitness industry we seem to be inundated  with before and after ads of extreme weight loss. I am seeing more and more gyms and supplement companies push their products on people with extreme and many times unhealthy expectations. Don’t get me wrong, before and after pictures can be motivating and we use them at Evolution Fitness in some of our ads, but my question for many people doing these challenges and dropping the weight, is what happens after the “after picture”? So you lost 20lbs in 5 weeks (unhealthy for most people by the way), what now? Was the weight lost just to win the challenge or was the weight lost as a product of healthy life long changes?

Woman's body before and after a diet

Lets talk about unrealistic Before and Afters. Unfortunately this stuff is everywhere. This is perfect example of photoshop and dishonest marketing.

After more than 15 years in the Fitness Industry and organizing numerous challenges over the years, I’ve decided that I am committed to stop buying in to what the fitness industry considers the standard in challenges. So the Evolution Staff and I came up with a challenge that doesn’t have to do with weight loss or before and after pictures. Our challenge will get people moving and hopefully allow them to create consistency in their training schedule and have goals outside of just weight loss. If weight loss is your goal you will still be able to accomplish that, as part of this challenge. However, the truth is that not everyone loses weight at the same pace and not everyone needs to lose a ton of weight so weight loss is not the biggest factor for this challenge.  Well we leveled the playing field. So if you lose 15 lbs or 1 lb your chance of winning is about the same as long as you put in the work.