Tucson Barbell Club


Tucson Barbell Club


The Tucson Barbell Club is a branch of Tucson Strength that offers specialized instruction in Powerlifting and Strength & Conditioning. Whether you want to compete in the barbell sports or just take your overall strength to a greater level we offer professional coaching. You don’t have to be the biggest or the strongest to join, but you must have a passion to lift iron and train hard.  Each of our programs offer professional coaching with a highly qualified staff.  

Certain prerequisites apply for this program. You must have enough mobility and a base of strength to start training with Tucson Barbell Club.

For those that are not physically ready for Tucson Barbell Club Programs, we encourage you to first take many of our other programs such as Strength Club, Kettlebells, or Original Strength classes to learn the fundamentals of movement and strength before putting a bar on your back.

Powerlifting Coaching Times:

M/W/F at 6am-7am

M/W/TH 4:45pm -6:15pm,

 Saturday Mornings from 9am-10am.

Please note, we no longer offer a structured Olympic Weightlifting program, but our new facility opening in January 2019 will have open access Olympic Weightlifting area.


Before starting our program you will meet with a coach for (2) One on One Coaching sessions to dial in your technique and form on the main lifts and have an in depth assessment done. As part of the team all of the regular programming is included with the membership fees. We can make individual changes to each persons program based on their goals. At times it is appropriate for lifters to work of speciality program designed for a specific goal. In those situations we do charge additional fees for programming.  

Lifters show up anytime within the window that we offer our coaching times and we will be there offering coaching and adjustments to your programming if needed. If you can’t get here right at 4:45pm that is fine we will be here till 6:15pm so no hurry. We share equipment with each other and spot each other and work in sets when needed. During Barbell Club hours the main powerlifting area is reserved for the Tucson Barbell Club Team. If you aren’t a part of the team we will have racks and benches and other equipment available to open access members.


  • Multiple Full Squat Cages (6 in Barbell club area + 2 in open access)
  • Texas Combo Rack
  • Westside Bench
  • Belt Squat
  • Reverse Hyper
  • Texas and Rogue Power Bars
  • Deadlifting Bars
  • Numerous Speciality Bars
  • Hammer Strength Equipment
  • Deadlifting Platforms


  • Mark Niadis- 2nd Place 2017 Overall USPA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Under 23 
  • Mark Niadis- USPA State Record Holder Bench Press 
  • Andrea Wellington: National Record Holder Bench Press (50-54)
  • Jaime Avery State Record Holder, Bench Press (40-44)
  • Denise Cosmas, USPA State Record Holder, Squat, Bench, DL (40-44)
  • Letty Carpio USPA State Record Holder,  Bench Press 
  • Nate Cosmas: USAPL State Record holder Bench, Squat, Deadlift, Total
  • Danny Sawaya 1st Place 90kg, Best Overall Master Lifter, Europa Games 2015
  • 1st Place Team NASA Western Nationals 2013
  • 1st Place Team 100% Raw American Challenge 2014
  • Danny Sawaya 1st Place APA Western Regionals 90kg, Sacramento 2014
  • Andy Lee 1st Place 100% Raw American Challenge  Best Overall lifter 2014
  • Mary Miller 1st Place Athena Classic  Best over all lifter 2014

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