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Tucson Strength Club

Here at Tucson Strength we believe in the value of being strong. We believe that strength takes many forms, and each person has their own unique journey in strength. It takes mental strength to be confident under a heavy weight, to finish a tough race, to overcome body image issues, to show up every training day, to work your program and make the choice to strive for improvement every day.

We became tired of seeing 6 week weight loss challenges that slam 30 people in a class with no instruction and push useless supplements on people. We knew there was a better way to teach people how to train and get them on the path of health and strength.

Our community is perhaps our greatest asset. Extremely varied and endlessly supportive, it includes regular folks wanting to become healthier, triathletes looking to improve power production, those focusing on post rehabilitation, and  amateur to national level powerlifters.  Everyone has a goal, is trying to improve, and supports their friends here every day.

Tucson's Strength Training Gym


We understand that coming into a training regiment like ours may seem overwhelming. There are numerous modalities out there to choose from and many just throw you into the mix immediately. We realized this isn’t always good for people trying to adapt to a new training regiment.

We have organized this program to teach the fundamentals of  mobility, strength, conditioning, and consistency to build you up over 8 weeks.  Each class will progress off the next one so that your body will learn the movements and gain the skills of becoming stronger and more conditioned….. Over time, NOT in 1 day.


Many fitness outlets are pushing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as the best and only way to train cardiovascular conditioning.  This isn’t the truth nor is it safe and effective. We will teach you numerous modalities of conditioning including Concept 2 Rowing, Kettlebells, and others. More importantly it isn’t about the tool, but how we train the cardiovascular system.  We will teach you the methods that will carry over for long term health not short term fixes.


We would rather see sets of 5 perfect reps,  than messy slop for sets of 12 to 15.  The last thing we want is missed reps or even worse, accidents with potentially injurious loads. 

We take pride in the intelligence of our workout programs as every set, rep and exercise has a purpose and value in its execution.

It is this philosophy that has lead us into the formation of a new training program here at TUCSON STRENGTH!

Our goal is to help each individual find his or her strength in the way that suits them best. We offer numerous programs here at Tucson Strength, from kettlebells to powerlifting, mobility classes, and indoor rowing.  This 8 week program will prepare you to train any of these modalities and have a level of confidence that you are doing it correctly.

STRENGTH CLUB will teach you how to lift appropriately and allow you to use many of the tools that we use in many of our programs here at Tucson Strength.  You will learn the fundamentals of kettlebell training, barbell deadlifts (if appropriate), mobility training, and Concept2 Indoor Rowing.  

STRENGTH CLUB  will teach you how to condition your body appropriately without beating yourself up with random acts of exercise and feeling like you are being yelled at by a boot camp instructor. You will learn how to utilize the Indoor rower with awesome form and technique.


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Also—it will be fun! STRENGTH CLUB will be a high energy mid-size group training environment with plenty of variety and workouts that keep you moving. Our ability to  to use any and all of the tools at our disposal in strength club will mean less boredom as well as more diverse skills in the gym for you.

Finally. STRENGTH CLUB will give you the tools and knowledge that will last you a lifetime. Whether you continue to train with us at Tucson Strength or on your own the principles you learn will stay with you to apply into your training.


Signing up for Strength Club is committing to  3  group training sessions per week for 8 weeks.

  • The schedule will be Monday and Wednesday at  6:15 pm to 7:15 pm and Saturday Mornings from 8am-9am
  • You will also have access to our Original Strength Classes (see class schedule for times)

Because we want to keep the instruction quality high, we are limiting each Strength Club program to only 10 participants

Kickoff will be June___, 2018, Sign up below!


$299 EARLY BIRD Before ___

$329 After